Thursday, June 14, 2018

It is done!

Over a week ago our painter knocked on the front door and the whole process began.  We have a wonderful Benjamin Moore dealer here in town and they recommended 4 painters with the emphasis on the card on top.  I am so glad we chose Ron Cormier or RCJ Painting/Hamilton.  What a wonderful, pleasant man to have working in your home.
This was the mantel and for that matter the colour of all the trim

 This was the colour.....more or less.  It was called "Toffee Cream"

 So I took this fabric.....the odd coloured brown/green/weird colour to the store and Shane suggested
but that was for the trim and the doors.  Not the walls.
Now the choosing for the walls.
I thought I had it until Ron came over and said.
"It will be the same as your basement"!
That wasn't going to happen
So back I went to the store.
Shane suggested 
so I hung those little sample strips on the wall and looked at them for weeks.
That was it.
We went from a dark house to a light house in one and a bit weeks.
When I laid the rug back down I couldn't believe how well it worked with the new colour scheme.
I couldn't believe how well the ceramic tile worked with it.

Our mantel now blends in rather than stands out

 and it isn't "in your face" when you open the front door.
The best thing I heard was when Karl stood at the entrance to the kitchen
and said
"I like it, I really like it".
I'm so glad he does cause he is going to live with it for a long time!

Around the garden tonight.
No idea what this plant is but it is taking off and I love it.  I noticed a bug is chomping on the leaves tonight, so I sprinkled some coffee grains around it.
The farmer taught me that
and my beautiful perennial Million Bells
Look at all the buds!!

Next week, sometime
my decoration for the family members.

Sorry, Karl hasn't been well so I've been doing housework, gardening and everything in between.
Very little sewing is getting done except for handwork.


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