Wednesday, April 18, 2018

You can't take away

the hurt that the people of Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada and the world are feeling.  But you can do something to help in different ways.

I decided to make pillowcases for the 15 people killed in the tragic accident and then one more passed away before I was done.  I had 17 finished with what I had on hand.  My serger gave me grief the last day I was going to make these.  I finally got it rethreaded after a few hours of trying and this was the photo I posted on FB when I yelled Y.E.S!!

In memory of the 16 team members, coaches, trainer and the bus driver and 1 more to honour the EMS, the doctors, the nurses, the hospital staff and the people of Humboldt and Saskatchewan.

These are being donated to Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton
for children to have a bright spot on a not so good day.

Johnny Bower, take the boys down to the pond and have a game of shinny.


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