Thursday, April 5, 2018


It took 6 tries

and I thought I had it
until I checked my fabric supply
and that cream
was just not there!
I spent 40 minutes pressing and cutting the fabric and then I sewed the pink and green blocks together by strip piecing.  I sewed the rows together and then.......
 I had to make a decision about the borders.  I had fabric left over from the blocks I wanted to use up.  I sent this over to Anne to get her opinion.  The inner border are the four fabrics from the strip blocks.  She liked it, I liked it
So I decided to go with it.  There is now only one narrow piece of the dark pink, some light pink, more dark green and lots of light green.  There are two pieces of the panel left and no outer border, so I accomplished what I set out to do.......................except the binding will not be pink!
 I have the panto chosen as well as the thread.  OMNI-V 9040 which has soft greens, pinks and blue.  I love the sayings on this quilt and here are two of them.

I have had issues with the long arm and of course my knee is not co-operating at all these days.  The quilt is on a hanger waiting for me to make a backing.  To say "I am not amused" is putting it mildly.

After today I have two more blog posts written.  Then we shall see if there will be any for awhile.  I think I'm taking a sabbatical for now until the knee improves.


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