Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What do you do

with left-over jelly roll strips.  Weeeellllllllll........I spoke to  the charity group at the store and offered to make some placemats for their Meals on Wheels programme.
I had a few strips left-over from that quilt I called Rainy Day, along with some backing and some binding.
I trimmed them all to 18" and the extra 2 1/2" I threw in the scrap box
I sat at the sewing machine and sewed two together
then four
then eight
you get the picture ....... and then the last join.  A really good press and this was what I had
I used a Christmas fabric from my stash for the backing, Wind Swirls for the pantograph because I had never used it before
and OMNI-V thread number 9138, Silver Mist
 All finished and it looks good.
Trim them back to 14" x 17", bind and you have 3 new placemats.  

One side for Christmas and the other for every day.


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