Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The backing fabric came

all the way from British Columbia.  If my quilt store doesn't carry it, I just go in and check The Jelly Roll Shop out in Chilliwack and I usually can get what I need.  The customer service is excellent and I'm on file as shipping via Canpar.  I had a problem with Canada Post, so we aren't using them again.

I chose this fabric for the backing.  I had already picked the thread and done the pantograph.  When the fabric line is called Rainy Day, you kind of think of water.  I chose "Splash" and the thread is Laguna.

So you take this:

and you use this:

spend some time at the long arm
This quilt turned into the quilt from you know where.
I tried three times to quilt it and three times I took it off the frame, unpicked rows of stitching and then after supper went back down, put some fabric on, reloaded everything, fiddled with the bobbin case spring and "sha-zam", I had found the problem.

Then onto problem number 2.  I knew when I laid this quilt on the deck it would never be flat.  I have no idea why.  I think if I ever make this design again, I will measure each and every row and trim to size.  For some reason, the rows weren't even although they pinned together beautifully.  I have no explanation.

After two hours at the long arm, the quilt was finished.   Three nights and an hour one afternoon and the binding was all stitched down.  I do love the design and I'm so glad I bought a grey to go with this instead of white.  I love the new Canvas line by Northcott.    Next time you are in a quilt shop ask if they carry it.

So here you go.........Rainy day.....a grey day.....splash.....


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