Wednesday, March 21, 2018

and the rest of them

Between charity quilts, I quilted my pillow covers.  I did this one with Flutter Byes by Anne Bright Designs
This is one of my favourite pantographs.  Between Dragonflies and Butterflies for anything floral, some days it's a tough decision.
I would do bunnies too, but I haven't found one I really like and that goes from border to border (it's all about terminology in long arm quilting) although with Easter on the horizon something may come along that catches my eye.

So this is the last of the pillows.  I wanted a "flap" on this one and I wanted to finish up the last of my Bayberry fabric.  I search google and could not find directions, so I thought about it.

You know you get those lightbulb moments.  I had one!  Yeah, I know me.  I went downstairs and stitched two pieces of fabric together.  It was all I had left and it had to work come heck or high water.  I put it on the frame and stitched it out and then trimmed it back so it would fit widthwise.
I folded the long piece over the pillow and by George with a bit more trimming it would fit.  I have no idea what I would have done if it didn't.  Scream, more than likely.
I wanted buttons on it, so I very carefully bound the edges and then only baste stitched it so I could come home and do the buttonholes.
Here it is.  I went over to Oakville with Anne to The Oakville Sewing and Quilting Centre as she has the best selection of buttons around.  They aren't all cheap but you can be selective.  I know I bought 8 buttons and some were $1.00 each and the others were $1.75.  No idea which chair this pillow will grace.  All depends on the mooooood!!


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