Friday, March 2, 2018

Almost done

When I first looked at this, I thought the gnome had an arm—I know, half asleep and not thinking
 – because once I put it together
I realized it was just the shape of the beard that gave it that look.
It’s an easy block to do.  Watch the placement and do mark the one nose so you know which gnome it goes on.  I opted to mark the “tall” gnome as it was less printing on a small space
I also changed up my background fabric this month.
There are no rules written you can’t use different fabrics throughout any quilt.
I decided when selecting my fabric to go with all blues for the squares.  I also decided I didn’t like the “E” square as it was posted because it was just a bit too tight for the letter.  I swung it around and then had to change the setting of the other blocks in Merry. 
It’s my quilt, it’s your quilt.  We get to do what we want, don’t we?
The stitching will be done later this afternoon while Karl naps.  It won't take long she hopes.  Don't forget, no fancy stitching around the nose.
TIP:  For all placement......sides, top and bottom......measure the pieces 3/4" from the edge.  i.e.; the top of the tall gnomes hat is 3/4" from the edge at the top.

And it's done.  It went faster than I thought.  Just a bit of time at the machine.


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