Tuesday, March 13, 2018


We have booked the painters!  We are living and have lived with Toffee Cream in the living-room, kitchen and hallway since we moved in.  After two winters of dark, we need a change.  Karl was given a slew of paint chips and decided on Benjamin Moore’s Linen White and as he got to decide on the walls, I picked the trim and the inside front door colour.  The trim also includes the mantel and the wood that surrounds it.  Right now it is stark white and it justn't doesn't go with the marble that surrounds the black fireplace.
The colour of our furniture is like a burnt orange.   One chair is a print which I’m not fond of and never have been.  The cushions – two of them—are the same print.  Time for them to go.

 I had fabric left-over from the Kate and Birdie quilt and instead of making a small pillowcase, I threw the fabric on the chesterfield and decided to make a pillow cover.  

Karl and I went out one day and I popped into the Oakville Sewing and Quilting Centre to buy some Tula Pink fabric I thought would go with this.

Well, that all went out the window when I saw this......it is different, it is modern looking and it will give the chesterfield some much needed pop!
I put the Bayberry fabric on the long arm and stitched it out late one afternoon.  I didn't use Berry Vine because I actually wanted this finished in a reasonable length of time.  This time I chose Candy Land......and it looks really great on this fabric.  I wish I had thought of this one when I was doing the quilt!!

Three pillows made in the span of one week.  I put some charity quilts on the frame in between and I had my Fat Cat to do.  

I'm really happy with how they turned out.  Now it's the painters turn to change things up!!          
Oh, the modern pillow was stitched with this design.  I wasn't going to use this one but it works!  It is called Chantilly

This is the pillow and the pantograph doesn't show up.  I should have used a different coloured thread.
 The first two I made.
Tomorrow, the last two.  Like a Wordless Wednesday......


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