Thursday, February 1, 2018

One month down

eleven to go.  This is the fast month.  Only 28 days this year.  March will be here before you know it.
Let's finish up last month and then we can move on.
I digitized the pantograph and did a screenshot of the first two rows just for you!
and then finished making the backing.
I had this wonderful piece of flannel in my box and decided to use some more of it up.  
 As you can see a lot of the colours in the insert are in the Jungle Jive fabric.
The snow was gone from the deck, but not from the yard.

My labels

Photo of the Day:
When I stepped down off the deck I saw the tiny footprints from the birds and the larger ones belong to our resident bunny.  Snowtracks are fabulous.  You can identify all the creatures that visit you.  


Today is the first of the month.  It's the day your first BOM is available from Fat Cat.  Click on their photo to be able to download.  Enjoy!


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