Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hello Beautiful

My friend, Patricia wrote this and with permission,

Hello Beautiful

The first "good" sewing machine I bought was in 1987. It was used and a quilt shop owner wanted me to use a Bernina when I taught quilting since she was a dealer at the time. I bought her old machine, a 1230, since I could not afford a new one. Many years have passed and I now have 3 more very expensive machines, all different makes and models. I always did my piecing on that old machine and it was a workhorse for the last 30 years. Last summer it finally seemed just worn out. The dial for the stitch length no longer engaged and it would only sew a basting stitch. I sadly put it away and brought out a shiny new Husqvarna. With my move coming up I thought I better have it checked out in Oakville before I moved away. I took it in and said that I didn't know if it was worth fixing but I would like an estimate to repair it. I did get a call that said that only 3 people in Ontario were knowledgeable enough to fix the problem since a part needed to be replaced which necessitated the machine being taken apart and basically rebuilt. I said go ahead, it was worth trying. A week ago I got the call and drove back to pick it up. The repair bill was more than I had originally paid for it. Today, hiding from workmen in the house, I escaped to my happy place and set up that machine. I did say "hello beautiful" and I meant it. Need I say that I made it through three installments of a lagging Block on the Month today. So tonight I am thinking how happy I am to be back with my old friend that has seen me through literally hundreds of quilts. Happy baby quilts, charity quilts, sad memorial quilts, challenging quilts and just to keep us warm quilts. It knows more secrets about me than anyone else.
Welcome home.


This lady is one amazing quilter.  Want to see some of her work?  Yeah, I knew you would.
The first quilt was Best in Show at a local quilt guild a few years ago.

and her sewing machine......it's this little gem.
I have a favourite too, but that's for another day.

Thanks Patricia for giving me permission to tell your little story.  I really appreciate it.


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