Thursday, February 1, 2018

February's block

It is time to download and get going -- well, if you want to.  Or you can just download and have it on file for when you want to work on it.  I suggest you make a file for them and store them all together on your computer.

I run my patterns off on card stock.  I find it easier to take this one extra step because I hate fiddling around with a light table.  So, here we go.  My way of doing things.
1.  Run the pattern off on the card stock.  Run an extra copy of the first page off on paper, for reference material.
2.  On this pattern, mark the number of the gnome piece on the nose.  The gnome pieces are all marked with a number; i.e. gnome beard #!, gnome hat #1, but the nose isn't numbered.  It will help later on.
3.  Trace all the pieces onto fusible web and cut out leaving about 1/8" around each piece.
4.  Fuse your pieces to the fabric you have selected.  If you have an applique pressing sheet place that on your ironing board while you press the web to the fabric.  It will save you grief later on.  If you get the web on your iron, run your iron over a fabric softener sheet.  Voila.....it will be gone!!

5.  Cut everything out.  Grab a cup of tea/coffee while you do it and you will be done before you know it.
6.  Take everything to your ironing board.  Start with the gnomes first.  Fuse all the #1 pieces together following Sindy's directions.  They are there on the first page.....up near the top.
7.  Build your gnomes the way Sindy suggests.  Now the surprising thing for me was #1 is on the right hand side, #2 in the middle and #3 on the left.  It took me a bit to grasp that!!
8.  Number 3's body (let's call him Knud), lays in an odd fashion to me.  He is a chunky little guy so it is like this.
9.  Cut your backing 26 1/2" x 12 1/2".  You are now on your own for placement.  It took me a few minutes but I finally got it with the help of my rulers.
10.  Measure down 1 1/2" from the top.............................measure 1" up from the bottom........measure 1" in from the sides.  I left my rulers in place while I worked.  
11.  The tree tips touch the 1 1/2" mark.  The stars are 3/4" from the top.  The tree bottoms or the gnomes are at the 1" mark from the bottom and the sides.

12.  All done with the fusing!  When you fuse,
a.  Don't fuse until you are happy with your placement. 
b.   Press lightly to hold the pieces in place
c.  Use a pressing sheet (a piece of fabric will do) and then you can move your iron about and really fuse it to the backing.
d.  Press both the front and turn it over and press from the back.
13.  You are good to head over to your machine to stitch it all down.  
You will notice two trees don't have stars.  I'm planning on putting buttons there when it is all quilted.  Don't put any embellisments on until the piece is quilted.  Long armers will ask you take them off or charge you for them to do it.
14.  Mark down somewhere where you can find it, the size of the blanket stitch you are using.  DO NOT USE the blanket stitch on the nose.  Straight stitch it down!!  I have a reason for that.  (I'll let you think about it.)
15.  Keep everything together in one place.  I use one of those duo-tang folders with sleeves.  Once I cut the small pieces out, I tuck them into an envelope, into the sheet protector and put it inside with page one of the BOM because it has any and all directions.

Ooooooops, nearly forgot.
Press a piece of fusible interfacing behind any light coloured fabric....the nose, the white beard.....before you use the fusible web.  It helps the background fabric from showing through.
Out onto the deck -- where the snow has melted, for now -- to snap the photo.


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