Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Don't hire painters....

it just means you have to tidy up and get things put away or make them up or give them away.
I found a bag of fabric and thought I would just put it away.  I sorted the white and put it in the bag with the rest from the line and then I started to look at the rest.  Holy Cow, it was the start of a quilt.
The white with green was what I put away until I found the blocks.  They came back out quickly and I sewed them together.....all four of them.

Then I pulled some more out of the bag and made up two side blocks.  After that I discovered why this quilt top was never completed.  I didn't have enough of the blue/turquiose fabric to finish it.

I did have the green sashing and I did have enough of that.  So I measured, one and then measured again.  I was good to go.

 It wasn't quite what I designed, but it is going to work out.

Once I have all the quilting done, I'll measure to see if I have enough of all of the fabrics to make a scrappy binding.  If not, I'm in deeper trouble than I was before I started.
I have christened this one "I Sea You".  I had a ton of names but this one kind of "spoke to me".  A little play on words.  Here it is.  Quilted with King Tut 1023,
a wonderful flannel
on the back that you will see again because I bought 5 metres so I would have some in stock,
The pantograph is "Champagne"
and it was done vertical instead of horizontal.
I had problems getting some good shots of this quilt because the sun was shining so brightly.  Not complaining, just stating a fact.  I finally found a corner in the yard where the sun wasn't coming through the fence.  Please take a look at the binding.  The bottom of the quilt was bound with the green and the top with the blue.  
There are no quilt police at my house.
             Both sides stop and end at the same place.  I know cause I measured it.  LOL


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