Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Time to get ready

February is just around the corner, so it's time to get ready for Fat Cat!

1.  Get yourself some card stock or cover stock if you don't have any in the house.
    This will certainly do it for you:

2.  You will need some fusible web.  Buy 2 metres to begin with and if you need more, pick it up before the next month's posting so you are ready to go.  My favourite is Trans-Web, but I'm not sure it is readily available.  I strongly advise you not to buy Steam-a-Seam.  It is very sticky and it gums up your needle badly.  Yes, you can wipe it off, but your needle is going up and down, and up and down into your machine.  I wonder what that is doing to the inside of your machine.  My long-arm doesn't like it either and it skips stitches.  That's my advice.  There is Heat'n Bond and Wonder Under on the market and the light is best especially if you have to layer.

3.  Something to store your project in.  I love the scrapbooking cases that I can get at Michaels.  These are them!
I will also be using a basket for the fabric as well as using the case.

4.  Now for a major decision.  What colour thread are you going to use for the blanket stitch around each piece.  You could do co-ordinating, but that could set you back a buck or two.  I go with the same colour for everything.  This time I'm going to use a Sulky Blendable and I've chosen number 733-4023.  This is a 30 weight thread so a bit thicker than your standard thread, which is a 40 weight. Blendable threads are also variegated threads so it adds a bit to your work.

5.  I do not use the same thread in the bobbin as I do for the blanket stitch.  I use a finer thread similar in colour.....okay as close to the colour as I possibly can, just in case the bottom thread pops up to the top.  I did have one maker of thread posted for this and went looking for it.  I'm not sure it is readily available, so I have opted for Superior's "So Fine" 50 weight which is what I use for my everyday piecing.  A beautiful fine thread.  Due to the colour of the top thread I chose this one:

6.  I keep certain pencils for tracing around the shapes I've run off on cardstock.  The reason is this:  it doesn't disappear when I iron the fusible to the fabric. It doesn't stick to my iron so that it comes off on the fabric.  Grrrrrr.  I bought them at Staples and they are an HB2.  Works for me.

7.  Look around your stash for fabrics you might be able to use.  You know there are trees, so a nice variety of greens, the gnomes have red hats and they have beards!  For that white fabric for the beards, select a larger piece and fuse some interfacing to the back of it.  If you do that, whatever is behind it will not show through.  When that is done, you just have to fuse your web to the fabric.  Set to go every month!

8.  I don't fold my blocks after I make them.  Fusible web tends to keep its crease so I roll mine.  Many years ago, I took a swimming pool noodle, wrapped batting around it and then used some muslin and tied it on each end.  The blocks will roll off and be ready for sashing.

9.  Come back each month and I'll not only remind you to download the pattern, but I'll also try to stay ahead of you so I can help you out.

10.  I will be embellishing some of the blocks.  I will be adding my personal touch to this quilt.  The first block will be one of them.  What am I doing????  Ah-ha, stay tuned.

11.  Good luck, and enjoy.  We will be done in time for Christmas!

As a wee note, I opted not to make the bearding white after I went through my stash.  I found a fabric that will be perfect......IMHO and I found a great fabric for sashing.  "X" is the beard, "S" is the sashing.  I'm going to use combinations for my backgrounds instead of them being all the same.  My fabric has to go and this is one way to use it up!  My Nissemen are old so they are having grey beards.


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