Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The perfect block

and how to achieve it.
I know, I know, I have this problem.  It has to be right or it has to be redone.
 I learned this years ago and it's time to pass it along to other people.
I'm making placements to go with a tablecloth and you will see it here within a few days.
They didn't have to be perfect.....yeah, okay.....they did!
I cut the blocks 6" and I'm making a disappearing nine patch.  No instructions for that but it's all over the internet or here.
Let's get started.
Lay your squares on a flat surface.  I use my work station.
1.  Place them the way they are going to be sewn together
2.  Place row two on top of row one and pin!  Yes, PIN!  Then stack them in the proper order
3. Use a leader at your machine.  A "leader" is a folded over piece of fabric.  Two layers only.  I do not use a 1/4" foot.  I move my needle.  It's a personal preference.  Find yours and stick with it.
4.  Sew the squares together leaving about 10 stitches in between each set
5.  When these blocks are sewn together go back to the flat area you were working on, open up the two layers and lay the third row on top of the second row.  DO NOT CUT THE STITCHING FROM THE FIRST SEWING.

6.  Sew these squares together and then take it all to the ironing board.  AGAIN, DO NOT CUT THE STITCHING.
 7.  Press the seams to the "dark side".  Then......
8.  Carefully pick up the first and second rows and nest the seams together and secure with a pin.  I like to put the pin in at an angle, but if you are a leftie that isn't always as easy as you think.  Do both seams and then the corners and then in the middle.  Do the second and third rows the same way.

9.  Back to the sewing machine and starting with a leader, sew the first and second row together and leave that pin in until you hit the stitching for the seams. 
10.  When both rows are sewn, back you go to the ironing board and press the block flat.  I know you have all switched your ironing board covers to flannel so they will be perfectly flat.
11.  Look at that!  It is perfect.
It won't matter if you are going 3 squares or a dozen squares, this works every time.

This is my thread of choice for sewing.  Superior's So Fine 50 weight and colour number 402, Pearl.  Anita recommended it to me years ago and I buy a cone and never deviate from it.  Dark or light this is my go to thread.  It is fine and gives me a perfect 1/4" seam.
Good luck.  

If you want to take a close up of the photos, 
just click on them.
Yes this is printable, if you want to keep it for reference.
Photo of the Day:
Karl asked me why I wasn't using a batting that had been lying about for awhile.  
I explained it had spray glue on it and the machine didn't like it.
I also told him the cats considered it their bed
Sure enough, that afternoon


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