Thursday, January 18, 2018

Here's the answer.....

People joke with me all the time about how I get so much done.  I joke back well, I don't cook and I don't do housework, but that's not quite true.

The farmer and I take turns with the cooking.  If he cooks one night, I generally do it the next night.  Generally, not always.  I do have a dishwasher now which is lovely because now I only wash up the cutlery and the big items every evening while we watch Wheel of Fortune.  (It keeps our minds working!)

This is my schedule and the only time I take a break is Christmas.  Those two weeks are slack off time for me.  I fiddle, I fool, I do nothing, I read, I plan, but I only do the bare minimum.  I've done this since my children were small and I'm not about to change.  This was our time together and we would often be found outside with the dogs or reading together or just out! at the library, the shopping centre, wherever the whim took us.

I do realize that my sewing room isn't listed here.
I put things away as I use them.  When I'm working on a project it is left out until completed and I complete each one as I go along unless
it is a block of the month.
Those are kept in boxes -- organized -- so that I can find them each month

Someone once said that organization is the key to success.
I don't know about that, BUT
when we moved into this house I vowed that I would do a little bit each day and it wouldn't be so much on me when "I felt like doing it".

My "wee" friend in Australia sent me this last fall.  I have it on my bulletin board
so I can see her continent every day.


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