Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I love it, I love it, I love it!!

What more is there to say.  Not much.

I walked into the Oakville Sewing and Quilting Centre to pick up some extra fabric for a project I was working on.  I went up to the cash and turned around and saw this.....
It is a panel by Hoffman.  Santa flying over the roof tops on Christmas Eve.  I love everything about this.
I came home, put it on the flannel wall and lived with it for a few days.  I wanted something "windswept" for the pantograph.  I search.....believe me I searched!  I couldn't find anything. Then I thought maybe those starry things that float across the middle of the panel.  Couldn't find anything like that either.  So I do what all long arm quilters do.......we ask our friends.  Anne suggested Pixie Dust
and it is perfect!   It is windswept stars and it takes both my ideas and plunked it into one.
I finished up the quilt I was working on and loaded this up.
Here it is.  All ready for December 1st

 The backing took me longer to buy than the front did!  Ask poor Cheryl at Sewetc!  She had to deal with me that day.  This is perfect for it.  Unfortunately you can't see the stitching but that's okay because it will be against the wall.  I'm ready ..... well, almost
A little afterthought here.
I was going to use black thread on this and I puddled it and it wasn't the right colour.  I found the perfect thread in my box.  It's a King Tut, number 979, Obsidian

I will have to get in touch with Anita.  I need a cone of this because I'm nearly out of it.  I've used this a lot on projects.


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