Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A few years ago

Kathy, who writes a blog called Tamarack Shack, wrote a post about barn quilts.  They are metal barn quilts and she was going to put it on her "shack" where she did her long arm quilting.  I loved it.
I wanted one, but Karl couldn't envision it and he said no.

Nothing I did or said could convince him............until now!  I saw them advertised somewhere and I posted on FB, this would make a great Christmas gift.  Christmas came early!!
The company that makes these particular ones is in Illinois and you have to phone them to order.  You cannot do it online!  Remember that.  The fellow's name is Mark and he is awesome to deal with.  The shipping is expensive but that has everything to do with the United States Postal Service so please don't blame the company for it.
Here it is.  This is the Feathered Star and I wanted the black one as other things hanging at the house are black.  Peter and Karl hung in a couple of weeks ago and it is on point so it sort of resembles a huge snowflake many of which will be coming this winter.

This house now really says.
A quilter lives here.


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