Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The farmer

was given a beautiful pillow last year for his birthday.

 I searched everywhere for something to go with it and found nothing.  It's a one of a kind apparently. While I was working on the advent calendar pillow (for lack of another name), I put my thinking cap on and well......
decided to just go for it.......

I picked up the bird for the quilting in almost the same tones as his breast.  The pantograph is called Bird Bath.....no idea why.....but I like the wee bird so I went for it.
We have a chair in the living-room that is rarely used so these three will start to adorn it around the first of November.
They would have been so much better photographed if we had a bit of snow, but when the thermometer reads 79°F with a humidex of 91 that isn't going to happen.

Bring on the fall......


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