Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Where do you buy your fabric for your quilting?  At a local shop, online from another country, online from your country?  Be truthful here.

Now stop and think.  How many of your local quilt shops have closed in the last year and how many more are slated to close.

Now stop and think.  How many people does your little quilt shop employ?

Now stop and think.  Do you get inspiration when you visit your local shop by browsing round and looking at things?

Now stop and think.  Do you get that when you order online?

Now stop and think.  Do you get what you order online?  I ordered 2 meters of fabric, I got 2 yards,  I ordered flannelette and it was cotton, I ordered flannel and it was flannelette!  Do I order from these places again.  Not on your life!

I realize for some people that shopping locally is not an option.  Some places don't have quilt shops, but a lot do.  I shop locally or drop into a store if I happen to be out putzing around.  Just to see what they have that my store might not.

I saw something on Facebook the other day that because of circumstances I hadn't seen in my town.  It may be in the stores here but I haven't been seen it.  I did find out one store had the panel, but kitted them all and I don't buy kits!  I don't want my things the same as 20 other people.  I like to create! and do it my way.

I have this wonderful idea.  I'm going to cut the top off after I quilt it and I'm going to make two pillows, one as a gift and one for us.  I don't need the Advent Calendar as I have one that I made many years ago.  In the second photo are two of the co-ordinates of the line and I ordered the grey with white snowflakes for the backs of the pillows.

The shop owner told me that she is closing at the end of the year.  She cannot compete with online shopping.  So we loose another store.  Ladies loose their jobs, taxes are not paid to a town, and the list goes on and on.

I do shop online............not a lot...........but believe me I do support the local stores.  Now, I only buy my pantographs from the USA because I have absolutely no choice.  If I did, I would shop locally for those too.

If you can, I urge you to shop in the stores.  I urge you to keep help keep these stores in business.  We are loosing them at an alarming rate and honestly there is nothing better than to go in and wander around a quilt shop and get inspiration, feel the fabric and talk quilting!  


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