Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Not only placemats

but pot holders and coasters too.

Back in 2010, I made the easiest coasters I have ever made.  5 pieces of fabric was all it took.

I have branched out since then and now make potholders of various sizes.  This is what I did for the potholders.
I used two layers of Insul-bright, the shiny side towards the outside on both sides.
I cut the 5 squares, one for the back, 4 for the front -- 8 inches.  I cut the Insul-bright the same size.  Then just follow the directions.
Two layers of Insul-bright, the backing -- facing towards you and then the four criss-cross fabrics.  They each get two of these.
 I made smaller ones for taking hot things out of the microwave.  Only one each of these.  These were cut 5" and have two layers of the Insul-bright also
and then they each get a coaster.  No buttons on these!!
These are their favourite colours and apparently their new digs are an off white, so it will definitely add colour.

I sat on the deck on a beautiful Sunday sewing these together.  This was my first time this summer I've made myself get out there and just sew.  It felt great.


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