Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It seemed like a good idea

I saw this fabulous quilt on line and thought it was a jelly roll quilt.  I downloaded it from here:
I thought it was just a bunch of strips sewn together.

So I dug out my jelly roll and selected the lightest colours saving the darkest for the binding.
I sewed them together.......and then it hit me.  This was not going to work out.
Then, I read the instructions.  Shoot!  It wasn't a jelly roll quilt.
My jelly roll was one from Moda called Basic Grey, Black Tie Affair.  I bought it because I liked the way it looked all rolled up! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!
 Here is where I clued in something was wrong.  When I turned the one block it was longer.  A major think developed and I came up with some new ideas.
I used 30 jelly roll strips, cut the selvedge off, and cut them in half.  All of them the same length.
I sewed 10 to a block and then trimmed the block to 20 1/2".  They are large blocks!  20 1/2" x 20 1/2" and the best part is you can strip piece them.  No rhyme, no reason for putting them together.  Just do it!
When I was done sewing for the day, I was this far.  The sashing was cut 2 1/2" the same as the jelly roll strips and the center blocks in the sashing were fussy cut from another strip
I had the black fabric in my stash and with what was left I figured out the width of the border.  I sewed the top and bottom on first so I didn't have to use more than one strip.  I cut them each 3 1/4".  I probably could have gone a bit wider, but didn't want to chance it.

 This is the backing.  It is perfect!  I had a fabric purchased to use but I just didn't like the feel of it.  It was stiff and it wasn't from the sizing.  Top quality, not my liking.  I'll use it in another project that is running around in my brain.

Tomorrow, the finish and the name of this little gem.


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