Wednesday, September 13, 2017

In Vogue!

Finally, we have a name.  I started with the Jazzy Jelly Roll, but it isn't jazzy to me.
I picked the name of it from the pantograph.
This is Vogue from Urban Elementz.  It stitches out beautifully.

The thread is from Superior Threads, purchased from our Canadian dealer Cottonmill Threadworks.  It is called Shifting Sands and is a King Tut #954.  As soon as I laid it on the quilt, I knew this was going to be perfection!
 The pantograph makes this quilt "classy" and in my house which is a house we live in, not show off, that is saying something.

and now it is finished.  This quilt is going nowhere.  It's mine.........I may share with the farmer.  I may, no promises!

If you would like to make this quilt, here are the instructions.  Downloadable through Google Drive


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