Thursday, September 14, 2017

Canada is 150 years old

There were celebrations all over this area for our 150th birthday.  I decline every fireworks exhibition because it bothers my ears but things of great interest and I will be there.

On July 8th, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, was celebrating Air Force Day and the Hercules was coming in from 8 Wing Trenton.  It was a plane I wanted to see come heck or rain!  I was going.  It ended up being 4 of us.  I wandered around with Kyle, while Peter and Karl did their thing.  They get too "techie" for me.

There are two Hercules aircraft.  We went inside the smaller one that is used to transport troops -- the 130 and waited for the big guy to appear.  The BIG guy is massive!  I don't know how this brute makes it off the ground when it is fully loaded.  Kudos to our pilots for circling overhead twice so we could snap photos.  It is a sight to behold.
 This is the smaller of the two aircraft
This is the BIG guy.  This thing can even back itself up!

Another plane on display outside the Museum.  An old prop that is just "kind of special".  

 The Museum is home to one of the last remaining Lancaster Bombers.  The other one is in Britain.  We frequently hear this old girl fly over our house for special events or for a fee you can go for a ride.   I can't afford the fee and I don't like flying anyway.  I just love to hear her coming.  She has a distinctive sound and anyone that when you hear her, you stop and look to the skies.  She is mighty impressive.

Enjoy the Smilebox.  Thank you to our Air Force for the services they perform.  Unfortunately, we never thank our service men and women often enough.   

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