Thursday, August 31, 2017

When you donate a quilt

what do you give?  It's a simple question and I seriously want you to think about it.

I thought this quilt was pretty nice.  I pressed the backing and loaded it up and then I pressed the front.  Now I have to admit where I press my fabric does not have the best lighting and perhaps that has to change.
This is the quilt.  It is soft and very pretty and I opted to use my OMNI-V Raspberry Parfait thread.  The pantograph is called Ginger Flowers and it flowed beautifully across the quilt

 and then I saw it.........right near the top......one tiny little spot......but I thought that was okay, we could deal with it
 and then this........
and then -- WOW -- this
 and this.....
and just to finish it off......
Now here is my beef!  Why would someone donate this quilt?  Quilts that are donated are given to charities that range broadly from abuse shelters, to babies, to small children.

Would you give this to a friend, to a family member?  If it isn't good enough for them, then it isn't good enough to dump on a group that is trying their best to serve their community.

Don't embarrass a store or organization by taking your cast offs in and expecting them to work miracles.  Don't embarrass a store or organization by taking your cast offs in and leaving them with the task of trying to clean this up when they don't know what they are dealing with.  Don't expect them to put their reputation on the line with the quilt top that you don't want.  I don't care if Auntie Jane passed away and you don't know what to do with her stuff.  I don't care if you didn't like it when it was finished.  I just don't want your excuses.

If a piece of your work is not good enough for your family, your friends, your charity group, it isn't good enough for a new Mom, an abused woman, a small child or a baby!

And this is what I got back from a friend when I originally posted this on Facebook..........

 As you know we lost our home and all our possessions in a bushfire . I received a quilt from a quilters group in another state [ and it had the name of the quilt group who had donated it on the label ] This quilt was made up of squares of old sheets / pillowcases , rayon dress fabrics , old faded curtains etc , etc. The backing was an old curtain . I was quite put out that this was what had been donated and I was given . The feeling of others was that i should have felt lucky I was given anything. Well NO !! when I donate it is a s good as I would give to my own family as I want to give someone some joy in their bad time . I belonged to an online group and a woman on that made lots of quilts that were almost as bad and the talk was that they were only for charity so it didn't matter if they were not up to scratch. When donating I wish people please think of the recipient and not just your own pat on the back because you have " done something " There , rant over  


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