Wednesday, July 19, 2017

and this is the last one!

While I worked on the first two Nuts and Bolts kits I had a thought.  What if I just bought the panel, stitched it out and bound it.  Perfect gift for our son for Christmas for the door to his new workshop in his new house.
Some of the sayings on this panel, just fit our son to perfection.  The first one especially.  An old family story that is sure to ring a bell with him when he opens his gift.

This was the best panel I have ever purchased.  Normally when you buy a panel they need to be straightened.  Not this one.  It was perfect.  All I had to do was make a backing, load it on the frame and go.  If I told you the amount of time it took me to stitch this out, I doubt you would believe me.  6 minutes per row and maybe 6 rows.  It took me longer to load and move the quilt for the rows.  
I made the backing, loaded the quilt, stitched it out and trimmed it all in one morning and no I was not up before the crack of dawn.  These are all bits and pieces of fabric that were in the "little bits of stuff stash box".
I did get a new binding fabric for this one when I travelled back to Oakville Sewing and Quilting Centre for my new load of fabric.  Projects will come along and be posted.
This is from the line of fabric Nuts and Bolts.  I wanted something different on this one.  Shall we say.....a bit more mature.
I also opted to just do "corner" holders so Peter can just put a piece of dowelling in and hang it how he wants.
Our sunsets have been amazing this summer.
I don't recall ever having this performance by Mother Nature night after night like we are having lately.
I sure hope it continues.
our rain storms have been give us spectacular skies too.  Hopefully that is coming to an end.  We seem to get rain every day but August is coming and that usually means dry!

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Humboldt Broncos
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