Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wrap it up!

So I'm done.  I decided on a new panto for the scrappy quilt.  I hadn't done it before and I was slightly off on my panto, but the next quilt I did it right on.  
This is bright and it is colourful and it has my new favourite colour.  
I hung it on the new fence but I will find somewhere to use that will work just a wee bit better.
 This is the panto.......Loose Threads and of course, Superior Threads
 I love this fabric.  I can't understand why it isn't moving better at the store.  It is one of those that could be used for both boys and girls.  Ladies you have to start to think "outside" the boy - girl box.  Girls can be anything they choose these days.  The sky is the limit!  No longer are we stereotyped as teachers, nurses, secretaries  We can fly planes, build houses, design landscapes, anything and everything!  We need to encourage our daughters and granddaughters to get out there and do what they want and what they are so capable of.
The planes were flying in circles and doing stunts that is why I chose this panto.  It worked beautifully and picked up on the theme.
This is my last week of posting for the summer.
I will post until Friday and then
I will pop back in from time to time with something I've accomplished.  I have quite the pile of bags of projects. 


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