Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Well I decided to bite the bullet

and make a scrappy quilt.  I had some great fabric left over with large pictures on it, so I started with that.  I used my template for my crazy patch quilts and then cut strips into 2" wide lengths.
 When I start with the first strip I try not to pick the shortest side.  I don't pick the longest side either, something in between
 After you sew it on, press it well to the side and then following the line of the template, trim away.
 Take another piece of fabric and do the same thing.  You just keep going around and around until
 you have a piece large enough to make a 9 1/2" square.

 These are the first three I did and I was so pleased with them, I made nine more.
and then put sashing and cornerstones in between.  I opted for a soft grey this time so the blocks popped!
 Then I added borders.  I started down one side, (the right side this time)
 the across the bottom
then the left side
 and finally the top.  I cut each strip 2" wide by the right length.  Always, always measure your quilt before you cut your borders.
I just kept going.  I did the orange and then the grey and then repeated those two colours.  When I was done I had a 42 x 42" square baby quilt
 The same day I bought the grey and orange I also bought the backing, so I was ready to go when the mood hit.

Happy first day of summer
for those of us in the 
Northern Hemisphere.
It is lovely outside out doors today
so we are back in the garden
getting the last of the plants in.

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Humboldt Broncos
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