Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tip Thursday

Don't tell Karl I told you cause he said......."don't tell everyone on Facebook what you discovered."  Soooooo, I'll post it here.

While I was working on my baby scrappy quilt, I picked up one fabric that at one time had the paper for fusible web on it.  The paper was gone, but not the web.  It stuck to my iron.

My "go-to" remedy for this is a sheet of fabric softener.  I didn't have any.  I had just given it all away to my daughter-in-law.  Why?  No idea.  So I thought about it for awhile and then the
                                                 shone brightly down upon me.

I took my Fleecy fabric softener
 and poured it onto a paper towel.
I then put that on a white paper bag that was in the sewing room and waited just a minute for it all to sink in.
Then I ironed it.
                                                        Voila!!  C'est bon!  It worked!
             I figured that the fabric sheets have the same chemicals as the Fleecy so I couldn't loose too much by trying.
            Yes, I patted myself on the back for this one.
Okay, but here's the deal.
You can't tell "the farmer" I told you all about it.
Okay?  Okay.


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