Friday, June 30, 2017

Everything is

Just Ducky!
I was just going to go downstairs and load the quilt and then quilt it up the next morning, but the plans changed.  There is nothing on tv right now that I haven't seen before -- well, except Downton Abbey and I do watch that over and over -- so you know, once it is on........
I loaded up the pantograph after making a final decision.  I had chosen another but decided I didn't like the way it was joining up, then another and thought - nah, won't work, then I remembered I had
Watercourse by Urban Elementz
I went for it.
 I wanted something 'watery' for the ducks and although this doesn't look watery to everyone it does to me.  I can stretch my imagination to fit anything!
 This is the original pattern from the book Animal Parade by Cheri Leffler and it is still available for purchase.  It has some of the cutest little quilts in it and over the summer I'm going to design a quilt using the designs in this book, which means I can't share.  BUT, if you bought the book, you could sew along with me.
Here it is
all done
and it isn't going anywhere.
I'm keeping this one for awhile
I may keep it forever
who knows.
It's just one of those quilts that when completed is not leaving my home.
Okay, so I fibbed.  It will be on display temporarily at Sewetc.  For how long, I don't know.  

I don't know what you are doing this summer
but this is the pile I am going to be working my way through

Have a fabulous summer, 
may the weather be perfect
(only 80° please and no humidity)
and I'll see you 
off and on throughout the summer.


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