Wednesday, June 28, 2017

and then she made

There is a line of fabric on the market right now called Basically Hugs!  It is from Red Rooster and to say I'm in love with it, is putting it mildly.  There isn't one fabric in this line that I don't absolutely love.  I know of three places you can get it.  One is online at The Jelly Roll shop out in BC, locally at Sewetc., and I believe The Village Square still has some in stock too.
I bought a few pieces of the fabric and then came home and redesigned a pattern I had found in a book called "Animal Parade" by Cheri Leffler, published by That Patchwork Place/Martingale Publishing.
These are only 4 of the designs I did on EQ using their fabric selections (mainly).  I wanted the bottom section to look "wavy".  The only piece not from the collection is the background for the ducks.

I went so far as to write down the cutting or the finishing measurements on my print out
and then due to lack of fabric (only one piece), I redesigned the final borders on the sides.
Nothing comes easy for me.  I like to make things difficult and that is why it takes me time to get things done.  I did the entire bottom section in an afternoon because I knew I could strip piece it together.  I then added the top blue.
I cut out the little ducks using the template from the book, but you could always use something from the internet.  The baby ducks eyes made me think!  How could I do that little tiny round eye and then I marked it and thought why not just a wee tiny curve and sew it three times.  It worked!
Momma Duck or perhaps Papa Duck, has the full eye and those little tiny lashes also sewn with just regular thread.  I straight stitched all the small parts and did the blanket stitch around the entire duck. The wings on the ducks is the same fabric as the duck but it is reversed to give it contrast.
When I set the ducks on the light blue fabric, I laid the ruler 1/8" from the bottom edge so the ducks were sewn into the seam allowance.   It's ready for quilting and it will have a backing on it that is a bit on the "wild" side, but it has motion!  I'm using the pantograph Ripples and a very light blue thread.  The binding will be the dark blue or maybe the light blue.  We'll see and so will you...........Friday.

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Humboldt Broncos
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