Thursday, June 29, 2017

and now the landscaping begins

We knew what we wanted and we knew where we wanted it, what we didn't know was what we wanted!

Along the fence between the neighbour's house and ours we were just going to let the grass grow so we had them through in some soil and grass seed

and then along the fence that runs along the City sidewalk, we were putting in a flower bed.  
We have a tree, and have no idea what it is, but it casts lovely shade in the yard throughout the day.
I desperately wanted some ferns in the bed and finally we found some.
We even got to hang our bird bath up under the tree.  The sparrows just love to fly in, take a drink and be merrily on their way.
Under the tree, I had some flowers, but they were moved to the larger flower bed and new ones planted.  Please don't ask what they are.
We moved hostas from everywhere around the house
breaking them up because they were so big.
We added a Gallardia, a Larkspur and a Digitalis
and a beautiful Nine Bark
that will give the garden colour all year long.

We did buy three hosta plants because of their variegated leaves and the colours of them
and interspersed them with Candytuft and a couple of coleus.  
There is a pathway yet to be installed, but we have decided to wait until the fall.
We also have a shrub to move and a peony but they too will wait.
and just to prove that I was down on my knees the same as Karl was........


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