Tuesday, April 11, 2017

When Karl walked into the room he said "Ford" trucks

and he would know. He drove enough trucks over the years to recognize them all out there on the highways.
I'm going to start off with a bit of long arm quilting.  Have you ever watched a "long-armer" load a quilt.  It isn't a 2 minute job.
First of all I had to re-iron my backing because I crinkled it.  Then over to the machine.
1.  Find the centre of the backing and the centre of the leader and start pinning one to the other.
 2.  Pin the backing to the front leader making sure it is centered on the leader too.
 3.  Roll the backing until it lies flat and with no wrinkles
 4.  Cut the batting, this time just slightly narrower than the backing.
5.  Lay it flat on the backing smoothing as I go.  I tuck my backing up under the back roller bar just a titch.
 6.  Lay the top on the other two layers, measuring from the leader bar so the top is straight.  I had a specific spot I wanted this to lay so I had pins at each end.  3 1/2" from the bar.
 7.  Wind a bobbin ~~ or two!
 8.  Load the pantograph.  This was designed by my friend Anne and replicates the trucks.
another day I'll show you how I do this step
 9.  After a few other little things you have to do, start stitching.
10.  Check the back to make sure the stitching is really, really good.
 11.  This is my bobbin case when I was done.  See any lint.  No.  I credit Superior Threads OMNI-V for that. Almost lint free.  If there is lint there it is from the batting or the fabric, not the thread.
I used #9138 Silver Mist.  I love OMNI-V!
 12.  Trim the quilt when it is all done and run outside to snap a few photos of the front
                         and of the back.  That white piece at the top was where I want to start the quilt.  I had a "leader" sewn down so I could do it.  It worked to perfection
 13.  This is the back.  I love how the trucks are placed on this quilt.  Going uphill and down dale.
I said I was going to use invisible thread to stitch around the trucks, but that didn't work out, so I used another Superior Thread and did all the trucks with it.  It saved me time changing thread and it does work.
 14.  One evening to sew down the binding and it was ready for a photo shoot.

Our son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons are moving away.  We are going to be helping.  No, not lifting heavy stuff.  Making the meals.  I promised a lasagna and I have burgers and dogs to buy for them.  I may get a salad made too.  If I'm not here, I'll be up at the new house.  Pictures will follow.


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