Thursday, April 27, 2017

Throwback Thursday

This is -- without a doubt -- my all time favourite quilt.  I love the pattern, I love the fabric, I love the quilting that was all free motion.
I gave it away as a gift to Julia when she was born.  She also had a little story to go with it.

The date on my computer says February 2012 and I cannot find anything else, so I guess it's right.
Here is the story of

Casper the caterpillar was making his way slowly across the farmyard, heading for a safe place in the sun to have his afternoon nap.
Lucy the Lamb was looking for something to nibble on, because supper was still sometime away.  Maybe that grass over by the farmyard gate would taste really good.
Gracie the Goose was headed over to the pond for her swim.  The day was warm and sunny and she thought the water would help to cool her off.
Bailey Bunny was quite happy doing nothing.  He just sat and watched everything that was going on around him.
Stormy the Chicken (she was named that because the night she hatched there was a terrible storm), was pecking her way down the path looking for some grain to eat with her friend Callie.
She stopped.
She looked.
What was this?
It was furry and it was green!
And look…..there was a yellow one.
She clucked and clucked until the other animals came to see what was the matter.  They came as fast as they could.
Goose, didn’t know, Rabbit didn’t know, but Lamb did.  She had seen one of these before.  Farmer Andrews told her what they were.  It was a caterpillar!  One day it would turn into a beautiful butterfly.
As everyone watched, Stormy picked up the caterpillar in her beak and placed it very gently on the closest flower.
Everyone thought that a good name for him would be Casper, so that is what he was called.
He rested on the flower, in the sunshine, on that warm summer day, until it was time to curl up and have a good sleep.

This story is copyright.  Please remember that if you should happen to download it.  This story is very special to me as it was written for a very special little girl.

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