Fat Cat BOM #8

Fat Cat BOM #8


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sweet Cherry Wine

by Moda.
I bought a charm pack from the Jelly Roll Shop a while ago.  Sweet Cherry Wine and as usual there were 42 of the squares in the package.  I had no idea what I was going to do with these, but that top one on the stack appealed to me.

 Then I decided we needed another table topper so I designed a different one.
(You may screenshot this if you would like the design)

Of course, designing on EQ and actually doing it seem to be two different things to me.
I chose my Basically Hugs for the neutral -- I wanted it to be light instead of dark and dull.  I'm hoping this one does it for the summer.
I had 6 rows done and for some reason had lost my way.  
I decided to mark the pattern with the colour ways and still I lost my way.
Anyway, here it is
all sewn together
and photographed on the neighbour's fence with our blooming forsythia
the wind blows here, just like it did in Oakville!

 Two wee little bushes that I'm going to keep under control!

This is worth a read when you get a minute or two or three......

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