Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The LeMoyne Star

can be tricky to make unless you use this wonderful method.  This isn't quick, it isn't fast, but it is  better than doing "Y" seams.  I have nothing against them most times, but every once in a while, they just don't like me.
This version is download"able" from McCall's Quilting.  The catch?  You get to see the video, but you have to buy the instructions.
I had a couple of blocks made and then decided the rest of the fabric would be made up into these blocks and the fabric would be gone.  I get tired of moving fabric from one storage container to another so I'm trying my best to clear some out.
I drafted up the pattern on EQ mainly to get a size and to see if I had enough fabric in my stash.
16 stars and 10 years off my life from sheer frustration.  I have never had this much trouble making something so easy.
I had to buy a bit more fabric for the sashings because I want to bind in the same fabric to bring it all together.
Here it is in stages.
Sashing and inner border

Outer border which was cut 8" wide so it would definitely fit a double bed.
I took the quilt into our bedroom to see the sizing after the final borders were on.  Sir Thomas was quick to join me.
 Yesterday the rain stopped and I went outside.  Of course, it was windy and it took a few shots to get the picture, but I did!!

I ordered the backing from my favourite online quilt shop out in Chilliwack but it won't be here for awhile.  I also ordered a pattern and it was out of stock.  So the back will be a surprise.....for you.  Cody has seen it and said it was "cool".
I do know the panto I'm using and the thread so I'll be good to go once it gets here.


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