Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Our daughter and grandson

are heading off to Denmark in May.  Not only Denmark but the rest of the Scandinavian countries along with ports of call in Russia, Latvia, Germany.  Our grandson has never flown before so he is jumping in with both feet.  I offered to make them some luggage tags to say
"Hey, we're Canadian!"
I found a great tutorial here and after I downloaded I realized it was written by a fellow Canadian blogger, from New Brunswick.
 I didn't quite follow her directions.  I ran the name, address section off on printable fabric and put some vinyl in front of it and then added the border.  This was the first one.
Then I came up with these.
Our son in law is turning 50 this year, so instead of our daughter throwing a party, they are going with his brother and wife to Mexico for a week.
This will be part of his gift.  
Not Canadian, but it is "travel"!

 Of course, Cody needed one also and he didn't want that Canadian look so he will get one like his Dad's.  Different background, different strap.
Instead of vinyl I used a sheet protector.  I couldn't find my vinyl anywhere so this is my make do!
You have to be very careful when pressing these.  Touch that plastic and it melts.  I did it twice and I was not amused!!


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