Monday, March 20, 2017

It was time.

Winter came late this year, like it can sometimes.  We had a beautiful February and did some yard work and then........Mother Nature gave us a wallop

and then she gave us some more

but today
the first day of spring
the snow is melting and the weather will improve.
Of course we could still get more snow in April
it is not uncommon.
However, I decided yesterday it was just time to put away the flannel quilts that were out and about and get out the bright colourful quilts
An old quilt that was tucked away in a box.  Made a backing and then quilted it.
Karl's quilt.....By The Pond
All Boxed In and on the sofa for my afternoon naps
Birdie Stiches by Little Miss Shabby.  Embroidery, crayoning and quilting.  A great combo!
The pattern is still available.  Click on Little Miss Shabby and then Birdie Stitches.
I exchanged with Mary Ann in Texas.  I sent her blocks and she sent me her batiks.
"A Friendship Quilt" between her and I.
I love it!

Happy First Day of Spring, everyone.

We heard this beauty the other day and knew spring was coming.  Others say the Robin but when we hear the Red Wing Blackbird we know, we just know!


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