Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I love this.

One of the websites I order my pantographs from was having a sale,
so I decided to wander around.
So much for not spending money in February.
This is called New Moon and I love it!  It was designed by Anne Bright and her link is with the name of the pantograph.

No idea why it called out to me, but it did.  Once I bought it I had to get it into the machine and stitch it out, so I picked up my Shania Sunga "Nunavut" jelly roll and put it together.  People didn't believe me when I said it was Nunavut, so I googled it and found the line at the Jelly Roll Shop in Chilliwack, BC.  While I was on that site I decided to order the binding.  Heck if you are spending money, you may as well go for it in a big way.
 Once I had spent the time at the sewing machine the jelly roll looked like this.  I took it over to Sewetc, to pick the thread and found this fabulous fabric on the shelf for the backing.  Unfortunately, I told Cheryl the wrong width of the quilt so I had to go back and buy more.  I'm telling you, for Frugal February, it wasn't working very well.

I bought 5/8 yard of fabric for the binding and only one piece was left so it's in the basket.  Some day I plan on using all these pieces to make a quilt.  It will be an interesting one that's for sure.

I had a problem with my machine that no one seems to understand.  It stopped near the end of one row and I had no clue what to do.  I think I was in shock that it happened and couldn't remember for the life of me how to start the row over again once I had shut down the machine

I gave a big sigh and headed upstairs.  After supper I went back down, turned everything on and lo and behold, I finished the quilt.

Now all I need is the binding.  Then I can finish this up and put it in the donation box.

Yes, this is definitely a donation.  I'm not buying anymore jelly rolls for this style of quilt.  I'm just not happy with the outcome.  If you join pieces together you can't get the design to match and some designs are off kilter.  It's just not my cup of tea.

I'm not sure you can see what I'm talking about with this join.   I saw it though and it was really visible.

But here it is -- all done -- back and front.  I'm thinking outside the box with the backing.  I thought it looked like moons in places and planets in others.  I also liked the colours of this fabric.
The insert looks like a cobblestone street to me.  I didn't see that when I sewed the strip in.
Or maybe its the rocks up in Nunavut.
There are also a couple of close ups of the front and back at the bottom.

and after two nights of hand stitching the binding is on


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