Fat Cat BOM #8

Fat Cat BOM #8


Tuesday, March 21, 2017


has found a new place to snooze!  Karl's reclining chair which is an off white, so that means we need something for the chair for Buddy to lay on.
When I ordered my border fabric I also ordered these charm packs.  The one in the front called "Maple Squares" is from RJR Fabrics and they are only available in Canada.  I found them at the Jelly Roll Shop in Chilliwack, BC.

 I was thinking of using a white fabric in between each charm, but then I found this in my stash.  I took it out and
laid some of the charms on it and I decided it worked.
 I tend to overthink a project but this time I didn't!  I took the pile of charms and separated them.  There were two of each one so that was easy.  I then sat at the sewing machine and added a 2 1/2" x 5" rectangle to the side of each charm from the first pile.
 I ended up with this when the rows were sewn together.  Not bad.

 I did jumble up the next stack but not by much and when all was said and done I had this.  33" wide by 39 1/2" long.  I didn't worry about which way the fabrics went, I didn't worry if one design touched another fabric with the same design.  I just sewed
I decided to use a panto I've tried before called "Grove" (Willow Leaf Studio) on this one.  I selected it because there is actually a tree on four of the blocks.  If not the whole tree at least a part of one.
I didn't have success with this panto the first time I used it, so I tried again.    
I used an OMNI-V thread 
 This will look a bit different than the link, because I "flipped" it.
 This was the perfect thread for this project.
See my tree????

Success this time!

and then he napped!

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