Fat Cat BOM #8

Fat Cat BOM #8


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

All Boxed In......Queen Size

Let's finish the lap and then I'll give you the queen.
I decided to use a King Tut white thread for this quilt.  I also opted for the Ginger Hearts pantograph as there were little hearts in the cream fabric.  I also like how fast this stitches out.....5 minutes to stitch out a 45" row.  It takes me longer to roll the quilt and prep the next row.

 Our picket fence will be gone soon, so I'll get photos while I can.  It's going to be replaced with a new fence that is quite a bit higher to give us a bit of privacy in our backyard.

and now for the Queen.
The quilt will finish about 93.5" x 93.5"
a big comfy quilt for your bed.

This is how I would place the borders.  Unfortunately, the file was already downloaded when I noticed the mistake in the notes.  You can print this off by clicking on the immediate link below.
The link for this print off is here:
There are three pages of cutting and assembling instructions for the quilt

If you are looking for an easy out when it comes to calculating the amount of fabric for your backing, here you go.

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