Tuesday, March 14, 2017

All Boxed In

This quilt is really easy to make but you can do so much with it.  It can be your
                                       Canada Day Quilt,

                                       July 4th
                                        one for the girls
                                          one for the boys

                                          or you can do a variation
The yardage given is for a quilt that measures 45 x 63 when finished.  
A lap size.
The quilt is called
All Boxed In.

They will be a sheet to download for your colour ways because I find that helps me out.
The first quilt is the three colour lap 
I was going to say next week we will do the variation, but that depends on whether I get it done.  It will be coming.  I'm waiting for a line of fabric to arrive at my quilt shop that I know will be perfect for this quilt.  So far it isn't in, but I may something else I can use.  I'm going to a sale this week!

The blocks are all cut to finish at 9" which means before joining they will be 9 1/2"
The cutting is not quite what you are used to, so mark your rulers.
Fabric Requirements for the Lap...finished size is 45 x 63  
You can add borders but I didn't give yardage for that.
1st colour is my pink......1 1/4 yards or 1.25M
2nd colour is my cream..1 1/2 yards or 1.50M
3rd colour is my green....1/2 yard or .5M
A little over 3 meters of fabric for the top.
Block number one
These are the cutting instructions for your fabric and the extra is for your colour ways to be put in for your clarification.
Here is the link for this block:

And the second block

                                                 I decided to cut all my fabric in one fell swoop.  I knew I wasn't going to get to it for a few days, so I bundled up the fabrics and stacked it with the directions.
These are the directions for the cutting of the fabric
I made all the "strip" blocks first and did them by just sitting at the sewing machine and sewing my green to the cream and then back down the other side to add the cream to the other side.  Then I snipped them apart and pressed them.
After they were done, I made the other blocks.  They were a bit more time consuming, but I did strip piecing once again.  
After they were all done, I took the two stacks of blocks and laid them carefully out on the floor.
 For the full quilt picture, you can download here:
and use it as your placement guide

Tomorrow the finished quilt and a queen size quilt in case you like the large quilts.


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