Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Some one made a suggestion

that maybe it would be a good idea to make table toppers for the four seasons.  Sooooo
I looked around the sewing room and found these two fabrics.  They were intended for something else, but not anymore.  I also decided to once again do the pattern Straight to the Point, but with only two different fabrics.  I tested it out on EQ before I cut to make sure it would work.  
 A day of stitching and I was ready to quilt it.  I found an old backing that was in a tote box.  Sometimes it works out that you make a backing too narrow for a quilt top........ 
you save it for years......
 and then you get to use it.
 I picked up on the hearts in the green fabric and chose Ginger Heart  for the pantograph.  
 I decided to once again make the panto smaller and the width/depth is only 6 1/2" for every repeat.  I could have gone bigger but I think these table toppers may be washed a lot and I wanted the stitching close.
I used King Tut thread #939 -- Heather -- in the top and the bobbin.  
It was the only "purple" thread I had in the house.  I have a lot of different green threads but they didn't work on these two fabrics.
 I have the binding sewn on, but I'm not stitching it down until stitch and chat day.  
And look, it snowed!

 The stitching on the back is barely visible.  It just seems to sink right into the batting.  I must admit I wasn't sure about using the purple thread on the back, but as I don't have anything close to this fabric I went for it.
When I was all finished, I decided to use a photo app I have on my iPad.  It is called Photo Booth and it can do a few wonderful things with your photos.

Stitch and chat day was last Friday so I sat and sewed down three sides.
Then 1:00 o'clock had rolled around and as snow was in the forecast two of us decided to head for home.  We both live the furthest away so it was a wise decision.  It takes me about 35 minutes to get there and it took longer to get home.  I was so happy to see my street!
I sat in the evening and finished off the last side.
I can tuck this one away until March.
Plans have been made for the fall table topper!
or yes and the Christmas one too.
and we had another wee snowfall
 Look who came to visit.
 This is my favourite tree in the yard.
 Hearts galore!
I guess I should have posted this last Tuesday.  It would have been appropriate for the day.

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Humboldt Broncos
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