Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's a February thaw

The weather since the week-end has been fantastic.  All the snow we had is gone -- again!  We are getting out for our daily walks and have been wandering the new yard planning.  A new fence is a definite as the one around the back yard is falling down.

Not much sewing has been done because I bought a book and buried myself in it.  When I read, I read non stop.  Meals get forgotten, housework is non existent and sewing definitely takes a back seat.  I saturate myself and then move on.  

I do however check into Facebook and my BFF out west posted a photo of a quilt that I designed for the blog and she made.  It is always an absolute pleasure to see your work completed by someone else.  For lack of a better name, I called it the Calendar Quilt and the pattern is still available.

Something else showed up on Facebook, so I'll share that with you too.  This is called Broken Lattice and the pattern is free.

If you like embroidery there is a new book that I have on my wish list at Chapters.  I won't pre-order because the dollar and I are closely related and I won't pay the fee they want for that.  I can wait.  
I love Beatrix Potter.  I have read the books, I have seen the movie.  This is definitely going to be in my house and I will be making this up for me!

I'm going to finish up today with some photos.  Our son and daughter-in-law have sold their house in Oakville and are moving closer to his work.  He is done with the commute and it's time to spend less time on the highways.  The end of April all of the Andersen family will have left Oakville.  We had a good run in that town, but we are moving on.
This tree is one of the oddest trees I've ever seen.  I never noticed it until we dropped boxes off to Peter and Heather.  It is not trick photography.  This is how it grew.  No, I have no idea what it is.  I need leaves to identify trees.
 It has been so mild the trees are starting to bud.  It may be early, but my contention is that Mother Nature knows what she is doing.  Let's hope she got this right.
 We -- as in Karl -- got the car washed too.  The winter grime is gone -- for now!  Let's hope it stays that way, but we do have March to get through and she can be a funny month.
That's it for today.  I haven't picked up the second book I bought so there is hope that housework will be done or I will see the sewing room.

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Humboldt Broncos
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