Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Time to decorate

My quilting/sewing room was bald!  Not a quilt to be seen, no inspiration to get my mojo going.  I took a day and dug through some totes and then grabbed my hammer and some nails from the workshop.
I made this for Karl, but I snatched it back.  It was suppose to be a bed size quilt, but I shrunk it and made it into a wall hanging.  I'm not sure I would like this on my bed, but I gave the pattern away, so now I'll never know.
 This is one of my all time favourites and it's new!  I hung it in the window for the World Juniors and it may come upstairs for July 1st.  I would have to remember to do that though.
This is old.  Its a little memory wallhanging for all the great vacations we had in Saskatchewan.  That orange grain elevator is a Pioneer brand and it is in memory of BFF's family.
 This is mine!  I designed this quilt, did the artwork and then featured it here on the blog and on the quilting forum that was around in those days.  I made three, and each of my kids got one too.
 Cody (grandson#3 by age) and I both made this pattern up.  Another one I shrunk because the original was  just too big for where it was going to hang.  They turned out beautifully and now this gem adds a real splash of colour to the room.
 My foursome!  The one on the left was made for my mother, the two in the middle are from friends through exchanges and the one on the right was made with friends at a stitch and chat.  Fun little pieces to look at.
 I have the large version of this quilt, unfortunately it is only a double size quilt so it no longer is on our bed.  This is a miniature that was given to my mother in 1996.  It is still as bright and cheerful as the day I made it.
 These two baby quilts are going nowhere, except up on a wall.  The one on the left is my all time favourite baby quilt and the one on the right was made with the help of a friend who loves to play with words.
The view of the room from the doorway to Karl's workshop.  Lots and lots of floor space for me to lay quilts on the floor and photograph.  The weather outside is not co-operating on that front!

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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
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