Thursday, January 5, 2017

It is absolutely deadly

for me, when a store puts bundles of fat quarters up near the cash register.  I didn't go into the store for these but walk out I did with not one bundle but two!
 I dug through my stash to find one more fabric that would go with those 5 fats and this oldie but goodie surfaced.  The wording is "sew, sew, sew" and that I will do.
I decided to use my old stand by pattern  "Chock Full of Charms Straight to the Point".  I have made so many quilts from this pattern and each and every one looks completely different.  I wish I had kept track of the number I have done.
This is going to be a topper/tablecloth/small quilt for the little table we sit at for our 3 squares a day.  I had a quilt on the table over Christmas and really liked the looks of it.
We had friends come over to visit and when they left I had one hour before I had to make supper.  I hit the sewing room.
Another hour after supper and I was surprised at how much I had done.  I did cut the squares 5" and by the time I had the rectangle section together it measured 27 x 54
 After you perform your magic you get a square top!  I just love how easy this is.  Once this was sewn together it was about 38 x 38".  Borders would have to added.  Red and black?  Red and grey?  Forget the red?  Grey and black?  What will I choose.
 I took the top with me to the store and what I thought would work, just didn't.  The red was overpowering and the black was too much.  My first thought of black as an inner border didn't work as a tiny inner border, so it will be the binding.  
I have a super red/black variegated thread I'm hoping will work on this quilt.  I just have to find a pantograph now and I can get this done.
I decided that from now on I'm only buying almost exactly what I need for the project I'm working on.  This time I bought two fat quarter bundles and I wanted it all gone.
here is the backing.  No fabric left over.  
I will move again another day, and no way on this earth am I purging what I purged this time.  
No way!

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Humboldt Broncos
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