Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Welcome to our home

I went outside late in the afternoon yesterday, camera in hand and shot a few photos.  We have had the best November I've known in a long, long time.  Normally we see dull, grey, rainy days, but this year -- and thank you Mother Nature -- it has been sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine.  No one is complaining.
This is the name of the street we live on.  Very appropriate for someone who loves geraniums and years ago made a little wall hanging with one geranium in a flower pot that was sitting in a greenhouse

This is the front door.  When both Karl and I saw this photo on the internet this is just about what sold us on the house.  The lady that lived here, left us the fern.  I'm hoping I can keep it over the winter.  Time will tell.
 Finally......a place for the "cat's rules"!
I tried to get the photo without the number of the house and without shooting into the sun.  I'll try one morning as the sun rises, not as the sun sets to get a better shot.
 This is the side of the house.  I love a corner lot!  You get one neighbour and one neighbour only on the side.  I don't want to live between feuding neighbours and right now we don't even have one!
 The little bungalow with the white picket fence.  The fence will have to be replaced next spring as the wood is rotting in the ground, but it will be another white picket fence..........vinyl this time though.
 We have two "garden doors" which don't lead to a garden! and the first large window is our bedroom and the other the bathroom.  It has a huge soaker tub that I doubt I will ever fill with water.  Not sure as we can afford that!
When I looked down the street I saw this magnificent maple that has yet to loose it's leaves.  We border onto the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington so we are looking forward to the seasons.  I hope to get some photos of that area one day to share with you.
 This is our burning bush.  I've had two at the last house and both times, both dogs chewed them down to nothing.  I hope I have better luck with this one.
 This is the bark on the birch tree in our front yard.  At first glance we said -- "it has to go" -- but now -- it has to stay.  We did some pruning and it looks a lot better.  Amazing what some tree trimming will do.
The sky was a beautiful blue with wispy clouds when I shot the photos.  It got better as the evening went on, but I didn't want my son-in-law having to stop for me to take photos.  He was my chauffeur for my drive to the hospital.  Yes, I drive, but I was having car issues yesterday.
Today is the day Karl will be coming home to his new home.  I am so looking forward to having my mate here with me.  Now he can help with the decision making and just sit and keep me company.

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Humboldt Broncos
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