Tuesday, October 11, 2016

This is just so darn

pretty.  I think it is one of the most soothing quilts I have ever seen.
The pattern is by Atkinson Designs and it is called Pie Crust.  This is the variation which does come with the pattern and if I wasn't so lazy, I would look it up for you.
Diane asked me to quilt this for her as her donation to the new cancer unit at our hospital.  I told her she wasn't getting it back!
This is a beautiful combination of batiks and cottons.  Everything flows so beautifully in this quilt.
My first thought when Diane sent me a photo was 
Soft waves slapping against the sandy beaches.
I chose a new pantographs called "Woven" which was done by Jodi Beamish at Clothwerx
I ran the pantograph off on paper just to make sure I really liked it for this quilt before I started the stitching.
I had already selected the thread which is a King Tut, Angel Green #958
It took me about 10 minutes to do each row, as I kept the panto to about 6 1/2".  
This is the front
and the back
I always stop for a coffee part way through just to give my body a bit of a break.  I also, of course, have to answer phone calls because Karl seems to wander off and do things just as the phone rings.  LOL
I wish someone could explain to me, how a bobbin knows so well when to run out of thread.  This close and wham, bam, thank you Ma'am.
I certainly have enough on this bobbin to do another quilt.
Here it is.  Completed.  I still don't think Diane is getting it.  I still think I'm going to move far, far away and just forget to give it back.

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