Friday, September 2, 2016

The long week-end is here

and that gives us time to sit down, take a deep breath and maybe do a little blogging.

I have found a few really, really good reads this past week and thought I would share them with you.  One is about cotton fabric.  I'm chatted on and on about this over the the best has always been my motto.  You put hours and hours into a quilt, why cut corners on the "see through" fabric from the -- okay, gotta say it -- cheap store!

This popped into my mailbox on Wednesday.  I am definitely trying this sometime this upcoming know on one of those days, you can't settle because the snow is magically accumulating on the ground.  
Read all of this.  If you love to crayon, which I do, then this is for us!  It is called Levi's Hoot Quilt and you know when you see "hoot", it is going to be about an owl.  It is about that owl and so much more.

If you check things out, you will find me everywhere!  I do love Instagram, because it's a place I can just drop into and very quickly read without scrolling too much.  I'm going to be doing this BOM over the next several months -- 9 to be exact.   The Quilted Cardinal in Beamsville, Ontario is offering this and it is by a Canadian designer.
I thought it kind of funny when I saw the owl above and these little guys below.  That isn't what sold me on this's that red cardinal.  I have no idea of the finished size, but I'm kind of hoping not huge.  I think it would make a cute wall hanging for a kitchen.  Yes, I am getting a kitchen that is bigger.  Don't care about any other rooms in the house, but I want a k.i.t.c.h.e.n.  

Have a fabulous week-end.  We have no plans, but we never do.  
I believe the postings for the next little while will be sporadic, something similar to what I've been doing over the summer.  
It is hard to purge, clean and sew in the heat we have experienced this summer.  Yes, I am complaining.  I am done with this.  Bring on the fall!

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Humboldt Broncos
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