Tuesday, September 27, 2016

and then it was done!

I repressed the back and then mounted it on the frame.   I do thank my lucky stars my frame is in the basement and I can go down and work away in the cool.  I honestly wonder if this heat is ever going to end.
I chose one panto, then another and then went back on Anne Bright's website and bought another one.  I don't recall ever having this much trouble deciding on a panto.  This fabric was playing games with me and so was the design.  This is called Candy Land, but it was the shape of the leaves that sold me on it.  They replicate the shape of the leaves in the fabric on the back.........almost!

The thread is King Tut #938, Luxorious for the top and a solid white King Tut for the backing.
I opened a new box of batting for this one.  It is a Hobbs 80/20 but it feels different than the last batch of batting.  Probably just me.
The panto stitched out beautifully.  I will say this when quilting.  I don't mind a coloured thread on a piece of fabric like this, but I don't like a white fabric on a coloured fabric.

 Each row took 10 minutes from start to finish.   Well over an hour to get this one done.  No  it isn't large.......44" x 61".
When I was done, I unpinned it from the frame and let it rest for awhile.
after a couple of nights of binding, it was done.

I wish I could decided whether to give it away or keep it.  I'm thinking this could stay at the house for a while because I did so well with the quilting and the backing is almost perfect.  
I used up all the fabric I had purchased for this quilt.  Nothing but a bit of trim is left.  Oh, don't I wish I could do that every time!

The main fabric for this quilt is called "From Bump -> Baby".  It is a Moda of my favourite companies -- and the designer is Gina Martin.  You can click on her name and "meet the designer".  I have no idea why it was designed for a baby.  As an old adult I rather like it.
The green on the back is from STOF, another company's fabric that I like and I'm so thankful we are finding more and more of it in Canada.

This was posted on my "behind the scenes" postings.  I thought you should all know about it.  Things -- they are a-changing!
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