Thursday, August 4, 2016

So happy July is over and done with!

Into August now and the summer heat will be just about gone in about 25 days.  I think I'll mark my calendar as I for one, am definitely looking forward to fall.
This is a simple black and white!  The black is from the stash -- all the black and the white was purchased just for this project.
I have no idea how long the bit of black fabric has been around.  I used it for another project and I decided the rest had to go.  I found the polka dot fabric at the Oakville Sewing Centre and as luck would have it, it was on sale.  I bought 2 meters and the rest is in the yardage box.....perhaps for a pieced backing one day.
 This was the design I came up with.  I wanted the squares set off into one corner and add big borders down at the bottom and along the left side.  I had plans for that bottom left corner.
 Once I got my act together it took no time at all to add the borders.  I did cut them larger than I originally planned but not by a lot.
I tried these two fabrics, but they didn't make the cut.  I bought more fabric, but just fat quarters.  This is the final.
The pink and purple were new and the yellow was in my stash.  I love adds such a gorgeous pop of colour
 I bought a new pantograph for this quilt.  It is called Carolina Dogwood and I found it on Intelligent Quilting.  I actually flipped mine so the first flower started up in the top left hand corner.  I just liked that lay-out better.

It took me the grand total time of..........
to stitch across the 48" of the quilt top.  That has to be a record for me.
As you know, my favourite brand of fusible is one from Transweb.  I've talked about it before.  You can see (if you enlarge the photo), that this is user friendly.  There are no skipped stitches.  I have heard through the long arm grapevine that the some fusibles are causing skipping.  That is not nice to see when you are going in and out like I did.  Something to think about.  Check with your long arm quilter to see which brand she prefers before you  plunk it on your quilt.
 I had trouble with the last panto and I realized what I did.  This time I "blanked" out the wrong end of the ruler, so I was sure to measure down properly.
This is the quilt, resting over the frame for a few hours.  The front....
 the back...........this was on sale too.  Always check out the sale section of your local quilt shop for backings.  There are some mighty good deals to be had.

and now it is just about done.  I have three threads to sew in from where the bobbin ran out, but I decided to snap a photo at my next door neighbours while their truck was out of the driveway.

This is our morning glory.  It is doing so beautifully in this basket.......lots and lots and lots of leaves! Not a bud to be found.  I have no idea why, perhaps they are yet to come.

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Humboldt Broncos
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